Damp and mouldy walls


Higher heating costs

Increase of amount of water in the walls,
reduces the effectiveness of the thermal
insulation resulting in high heating costs.


Health of the residents is endangered

Damp walls contribute to growth of fungi and mould whose organic debris  saturates the air and causes various diseases, sleep disorder, weakening of the immune system, allergies, etc. This has adverse effects on the health of children and older persons, particularly.


Unpleasant odours of dampness

Damp walls have specific odor that, even with the boosted heating and ventilation of the room, a healthy and pleasant living climate cannot be achieved.

wall deterioration

Dampnes damages the walls

When the water present in the walls it begins to evaporate, the remaining salts and minerals start crystalizing. Their highly explosive force causes gradual wall deterioration.


Ecological drying of the walls with the use of GUARDIAN damp removal

GUARDIAN damp removal is an electronic device, which immediately stops the advancement of rising damp, dries out walls and protects them from any further related damage caused by rising damp.

It eliminates the dampness from internal and external walls of the object at the same time, prevents its degradation and adds value to your property!

By installing the GUARDIAN damp removal device, the energy efficiency of the building increases and preserves the health of the people who live in it!



It is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of rising damp remediation devices.

Manufactured according to all applicable EU directives and norms. It is tested and cerified by the notified body of the EC in 2017.


Effectively removes the damp and protects the object
10 Year Warranty
Low consumption of electrical energy
Installation does not require construction work
Compact in size (155x80mm)
Silent operation
No harmful impact on the environment
Results visible in a short period


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